Stargardt’s Picnic

Stargardt’s Picnic

We had a delightful afternoon picnic in beautiful Hyde Park on Sunday 20th August. Luck was on our side as the weather was dry and mild with the sun peeking out its glorious head throughout the afternoon.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the other Stargardt’s picnickers and their families. We had a wide age range from primary aged children to adults with Stargardt’s.


Networking in a relaxed setting

It was a great opportunity for the children and parents to chat with one another informally. Tips were exchanged and the children and adults spoke about their interests. What a diverse group of people we had with technology experts, University graduates, nutritionists and talented musicians. We discussed and expressed opinions of various accessible technologies as well as support networks.


Here are some quotes from the people who attended the picnic:


“It’s been such an enjoyable afternoon which inspired us as parents thinking about the future”.


“Thank you very much for organising the event. I had a really nice time.
Attending the Stargardt’s Picnic provided me with an informal and friendly opportunity to meet fellow Stargardt’s patients for the very first time. Before the event I was unsure about attending as I worried that meeting other people with the condition might upset me however I am very grateful that I did attend as it was helpful to hear about how other people are managing their condition and to be able to speak openly with people who understand exactly what you’re dealing with. I am excited to attend many more events” (Ellen B. 22).
Thank you so much for everyone who attended the picnic. I certainly enjoyed myself very much and loved the opportunity to meet and chat to such a lovely group of people.


Finally thank you to Andi Skilton and Rea Mattocks with their help and support in organising the day.